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About Us

Newton Vehicle's mission is in building Modular, Smart Electric Vehicles for corporates, taxi aggregators and city commuters to create a sustainable transportation system.

The concept of Newton Vehicles has been co-created by Arindam Dawn, an electronics engineer and Nabarun Chakrabortty, an aspiring entrepreneur who have witnessed a vast gap in the Indian automotive sector and its conventional manufacturing processes. They believe that Electric Vehicles are the future of transportation and immediate steps need to be taken to tackle the problems that are preventing the evolution and use of electric vehicles in India. Newton Vehicles is working on a modular electric car for a broader target market.

Newton Vehicles aims at breaking the conventional barriers of establishing mega factories for even creating prototypes by associating the best technologies and resources available presently and not re-inventing and increase production and manufacturing costs.

Newton Vehicles has its name inspired by one the greatest contributors of science and technology, Sir Isaac Newton. Newton’s laws of motion lays the basic foundation of classical mechanics. We implement our technology based on his ideology and foundations.

Blazing acceleration

Experience top speed of 140km/hr. Stay ahead of your gasoline counterparts. Get ready to fly. Whoosh!

Packed with performance

With our advanced battery technology, ride more than 150km on a single charge. 70% lower battery charging time.

Hassle free driving

Zoom accross streets silently without any hassle of gears and clutch. More importantly it has zero emissions!

Improved battery technology

Our Lithium-ion battery packs provide 70% more performance and charges to 100% in less than an hour. With our superchargers you can charge your vehicle within minutes.

With better battery technology, comes better savings. With better savings, we aim to bring bigger smile to your face :)

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